August 26, 2007

Plush: Hutch Putch

Hutch-putch is a simple plush that I made for my fiance's sister's birthday gift. It's so easy that I made it in 15 minutes. It's one of those fast gifts that a beginner can sew. I chose buttons for the eyes cause it was the only thing that I could get my hands on at the time.

The coolest part of this hutch-putch is that if you poke its tummy, it smiles. If you poke between the eyes, it frowns. I should take some action shots.

Description: Hutch-putches are cute plushies that keep you company. If you poke it's tummy then it smiles. If you poke its head, then it frowns. So you know what that means? If you're having a terrible and frustrating day, you can punch Hutch-putch in the tummy and it'll keep smiling. Just don't poke it in the head or it'll frown.

August 20, 2007


I finished sewing my first neatly sewn and well thought out bag today. I've sewn a bag or two here and there but they were rush jobs. I took the time to line this bag too! The outside fabrics were found at Joanns for $3/yd. I'm usually not too fond of Joanns because they're so overpriced for the type of fabrics they sell, but these fabrics were on sale. The inside fabric was cut from old vintage bedsheets. I really love this bag and I hope to make more. I designed the pattern first and took measurements, then sewed the bag altogether. I'm hoping to add some embroidery to the next bag. This bag will be given to my fiance's sister for her birthday along with some other goodies that I'm going to make. Weeee. :) I'm so happy. Bag was completed in under 2 hours.

August 14, 2007


So there it is. My new little lamb. My fiance's mum was thrilled to see my first stuffed toy. Apparently when she first started sewing she made a lamb also. So Helene was totally excited and congratulated her son on finding a wife thats just like her. :) I took it as a high praise for a mum to say that about me. His mum and family are absolutely wonderful and I couldn't ask for more.

I've acquired more fabrics since I last posted so I'll take some pics of the new loot I have. :) I don't even know if anyone is reading this blog. It sounds like I'm talking to myself.

August 8, 2007

hooray, stuffed animal completed

I successfully sewed my first stuffed animal today using a free pattern that I found on the net. I'll reference the site when I remember the address. What was supposed to be a lamb ended up looking like a dog (or a hybrid). Whatever floats your fancy. On the other hand, I did find good use for the sample fabrics that I cherry picked in Palo Alto. The fabric samples range from 10"x10" to 2'x2' and they're all sorts of brands from Calvin Klein to Nautica. I grabbed a garbage bag full in hopes of making a funky quilt.

I'm having a rather hard time with textures. I like to sew things that are all the same texture. It's time to change that. Time to explore and try out different textures and funky color combinations. Time to break the boundaries of my confined sewing outlook. Time to go beyond texture differences to achieve creative zen. Wow I'm cheesy. Pictures shall be posted once I get my memory card back. :)

August 3, 2007

Maow~. I've been gathering tons of fabric and crafty accessories. I recently went to Victoria, Canada and raided their thrift shops and I was thrilled to find such an assortment of crafty goodness. I found lots of colorful thread, vintage and chic buttons, funky and retro sheets of fabric, and so much more. I managed to bring them all back as well! Hurray!

With my crafts, I try to recycle old materials and unwanted items from thrift stores to make "new" goodies. I love shopping at second hand stores and absolutely fell in love with the retro and shabby chic style fabrics. Welp, lets see what I can do.